Now Your Car Knows How You Feel

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Facial Recognition software has been used from determining who’s who to determining whether you’re awake to determining your mood. Now this technology is becoming so common that its slowly becoming universal, to all tech. Smartphones, smart glasses, smart tablets and now smart cars.

Face recognition

Volvo released a face recognition software recently that recognizes if the driver is falling asleep to trigger a safety mechanism. Now PSA Peugeot Citroen (Europe’s second largest automobile manufacturer after Volkswagen) and  the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) are working together to make sure that cars know your mood too.

emotion detector

The technology works as all smart technology does, by observing and learning your expressions and habits. Everyone shows emotions differently and it takes computers a lot more data to predict or analyse facial expression than humans. The researchers working on this have narrowed down their research to two major emotions that trigger a change in driving patterns and uniformity, anger and disgust. These two have always been known to motivate drivers to hit the gas pedal or act rashly which causes traffic accidents and costs lives.

The technology is still very new and test trials will only determine how successful it is but with all the hubbub regarding face recognition these days it may well be that it is here to stay.

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