Obalon – A Balloon You Can Swallow To Help Lose Weight

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Obalon is a weight-loss device that patients can swallow in a capsule. When the capsule reaches the stomach, the device turns into a balloon. The balloon gets filled with Nitrogen gas to stay on the top, and helps accelerate the sensation of fullness when eating. It contains an inflation catheter at one end, that gets removed after the balloon is inflated within the stomach. The whole procedure takes around 15 minutes.

Obalon Balloon Capsule

Obalon is designed for the patients with a body mass index (BMI) of at least 27 kg per square meter, and is recommended for use with accompanying changes to diet and lifestyle. The balloon stays in-situ for 12 weeks sitting at the top of stomach. Patient can further add a maximum of two more Obalon Balloons during that period, as advised by doctor. Following the treatment, the balloons are removed during an outpatient endoscopy.

The company claims that clinical trials have shown a potential 50.2% reduction in excess body weight, a potential reduction of 8.3% in total body weight and a 2.8 point reduction in BMI over the three month treatment period.

Obalon has been successful in getting approval for sale it in the Europe yet it awaits the approved by FDA to sale in US market. The stomach size after the successful treatment is still a question mark on the long-term effectiveness of gastric balloon. Experts suggest the stomach doesn’t get shrunk during the treatment and you are left with same size or even bigger size stomach than before.

The video below demonstrates how the Obalon Balloon works:

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