A Wheel Chair That Offers Unique Off-Roading Experience

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Paraplegia is a terrible fate. And the wheelchair doesn’t really make things easier. Constant supervision is needed so that road blocks and elevations can be dealt with. The chairs don’t even move very fast so anger at the slow pace of movement is inevitable at times. What truly hinders the paraplegic is the terrain. Mud, rain, snow, rocks, every thing is an obstacle to him or her, until now.

The Ziesel wheelchair, or as they call it: The Off Road Driving Machine, is as extreme as you can get with a wheelchair. Its the equivalent of a mountain bike or a Jeep to a wheelchair. It can go up to 21.7 miles per hour and handle any terrain with ease. It can even climb stairs and makes the owner fully independent while they’re in the chair. The chair also has a maximum battery life of five hours and produces 21 horsepower.


The controls are really simple. A joystick is used to control motion and direction and features arm rests and an automated heating system so it provides comfort with function. A lithium ion battery with optimum power management built in keeps the wheelchair running on green power. All the trips to the beach or mountain hikes that you missed out on due to your disability may be a thing of the past.

The chair is priced at about $30,000.


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