Only Intelligent People Will Understand How Useless These Innovations Are

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You can never shake off an inquisitive person until you answer their range of questions such as when, where, why, how etc. They need to know a logical back story and every little detail of seemingly unimportant aspect. Ok, maybe this is Sheldon Cooper level hyperactive but we do encounter such people. This depicts their take on the world from a different perspective. However, what we have gathered today will make any person with a fraction of Sheldon’s intelligence to question usefulness behind these totally useless innovations.

1. Barrier Gate With Invisible Supporting Walls

barrier with invisible walls

2. Pricy Different Era Combined Shoe Model

costly combination shoe

3. Report But Do Not Report The Problem

do not use the number to report the problem

4. Epic Fail

epic fail to fit a banana

5. Incomplete Structure Or Best Joke Ever

incomplete sturcture or best joke ever

6. Bus Stop – No Service Stop Here 

no services stop here

7. Intelligence At Its Height Just For All The Wrong Reasons 

no use of drawers

8. No Need To Use A Transparent Door Window When Peek Hole Is Available 

peek a boo door

9. Stairway To Hell Or Heaven 

stairway to hell or heaven

10. The World’s Shortest Supporting Reeling Ever 

the shortest reeling for a stair case

11. Door In A Wall. Just Door In A Wall …. Ok, I Am No Match For The Genius Constructor. 

useless door in the wall

12. Waste Of Precious Space 

waste of space stairs

13. Viper For A White Painted Window 

white window viper

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