Ooho: The Water Bottle You Can Eat

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Bottled water is a scam. And what’s worse is that the scam is actually negatively effecting our environment. Not only are plastic bottles not recycled each year (which means that more and more are manufactured), they are non bio-degradable (which means that they will lie around for centuries before bacteria break them down and will continue to pollute our planet for generations). Now factor in the fact that each year, 50 billion plastic bottles are produced! That’s more than 7 bottles per person per year. This menace should be eliminated as soon as possible and maybe it can with something called Ooho.

Water bottles

Ooho is a cute little edible water bag designed to keep water clean and unexposed. The technique for creating this bag is a modified version of “spherification”. This technique was invented almost 60 years ago but has never been used for water. The idea is to encase water inside an algae cum calcium chloride gel to form a blob. The casing acts as a double membrane.


The Ooho edible bag has gained notoriety after winning the Lexus Design Award 2014 in Australia and unlike most innovations, will be available in the market later this year in Boston.


The real genius of the Ooho bag is that it is simple to make, anyone with bio degradable materials and a few cents can make their own bags. This is science working for the environment and for the common man. Most advances in technology are for the rich and do not improve the environment (as history has shown). This invention however is in reach of the common man and does the planet a hell of a lot of good. Yours truly hopes that this will be the end of the plastic bottle menace.

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