Openarch: Welcome to the Home of the Future

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Since the 1960s with cartoons like the Jetsons and television shows like Star Trek, the concept of a technological world has slowly crept in to our minds. Exhibits during the 1960s showed off homes of the future with automatic blenders and coffee machines and automated butlers and garages. All of it was supervised by a computer and you wouldn’t need to lift a finger to do anything. That home didn’t materialized as soon as we had hoped, but it may be just around the corner from today.


Openarch is a fully automated home with a fully functional digital layer. It is still a prototype but it looks very promising. The home presents a beautifully minimalist structure with less form more function. The walls are embedded with touch interface technology that makes them huge touch screens. Apps ranging from alarm clocks to games can access the entire house from anywhere in the house. Coffee makers and toasters can be activated while one plays angry birds on the adjacent wall.

The home also maximizes comfort as the walls can change colour and design depending on the owners taste. The house also monitors the environment including the temperature and precipitation. Ones music collection can be accessed all around the house to turn every room in to a music hall.


The house would be incomplete if every inch wouldn’t be connected to the internet. Everything on the internet is right at your finger tips and no screen or device is needed to access it.


The home sounds every bit as awesome as a geek dream house. Let’s see what it costs first though. Its bound to cost more than a Galaxy S4 at least.

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