Organic Batteries Could Power New Electric Cars

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The Tesla S, Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius all run on lithium ion batteries; the same kind of batteries that power the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Obviously this is not economical in the long run since we’ve all seen how efficient these batteries are. Such batteries run out after every few hours even when they remain on. The Electric Vehicles of the future will be powered by cotton. Wait…what?

Tesla Model

Yes. You read it right. Power Japan Plus has modified the carbon inside the cotton plant and changed its structure to create something they call the Ryden dual carbon battery. It has many advantages over lithium ion batteries and all other batteries for that matter. To begin with, it doesn’t use any rare earth metal in its manufacture and is 100% recyclable since its fuel is carbon. It has about 3000 charge and discharge cycles so its very reliable and sustainable and it charges about 20 times faster than a lithium ion battery. To give you some sense of that scale, it can charge an iPhone up to 80% within 6 minutes (it takes a lithium ion battery 2 hours to do that).


The problems with electric cars seem to be going away quickly, though that is not to say that there are still problems and no matter what one does, the speed and the mileage of a gasoline/petrol car will certainly be hard to beat. But the Ryden batteries claim to give 300 miles of juice to a car in single charge and claims to charge up within seconds as opposed to hours, just like visiting a gasoline station/petrol pump.

Tesla S

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