Breakthrough In Medicine: Pacemaker Can Now Be Charged Wirelessly

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Up until 21st century, most of the medical advancements were not possible due to limited resources in technology. A recent project funding was approved for the Project BRAIN Initiative, which will “produce a revolutionary new dynamic picture of the brain”. It all became possible due to the availability of required tools for scientists to research. But on a parallel note, this has created hope to explore other avenues in the medical research.

Pacemaker are generally used for heart patients to control the abnormal heart beating. It runs on battery – which has to be replaced after every cycle. It causes severe trauma and unnecessary fatigue to the patient. These pacemakers are implanted just under the skin and usually require a large coil which limits its size. Although pacemakers with smaller size have been developed but there is no safe way of sending the device deep into the body.


A new study from Stanford University has revealed that researchers have come up with a new pacemaker that can be wirelessly charged anytime. This technique uses a special technique known as “midfield powering”. The principle is simple, the device (pacemaker) can easily be recharged by using a small charging card from outside the body. The system is already being tested on a small rabbit by making a heart pacemaker. Now the plans are to extend the project to human beings.


It is suspected that current pace of medical research can lead to the prescription of electronic devices. The new technology can be placed deep into the skin in any organ of the body. It is also suggested that the human body can be exposed to radio waves at a safety level. In such a way, many other diseases can also be cured easily in future.

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