Paperfold Smartphones To Hit The Market Soon

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Few years ago, a friend of mine showed me an advertisement from Samsung, outlining the different features of the wonder material, graphene. It showed how the one atom thick layer of carbon could be folded and stretched to fit any function. It could be turned in to a watch or a tablet or a smartphone whenever needed. But that was all special effects. Something much more real and has just emerged in the tech world that folds and changes function, though not quite like graphene could.


Its called the Paperfold. Its basically 3 touch sensitive screens hinged together but their functionality shifts and evolves as they are placed in different configurations. One screen simply gives you a view of a picture or a thumbnail, add another and it’ll give you an expanded view. The third screen’s addition will give you the added bonus of a toolbar to edit the image and depending on how you fold the screens, a touch keyboard will be at your disposal.

paperfold smartphone

The feature that has critics interested is the map display. Much like real maps which you can fold and turn, the Paperfold allows you to handle its virtual map similarly.

foldable smartphone

The Paperfold is made up of lightweight electronic ink displays that work in unison when attached by magnetic hinges. This type of technology that changes function with form factor has been evolving and coming to the market quite recently with tablets like the ASUS transformer prime having the option to become a full fledged laptop (due to its keyboard accessory). Whether this technology will really stick is still open to debate because the Paperfold will not become available to the consumer any time soon.

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