Paralyzed Athletes Can Feel Their Injury Now

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Decades ago, injuries would last years to athletes. But they could enjoy sports using specially designed equipment categories. Even they became capable of playing extreme sports in their own fashion; like Sit-Skiing, Wheelchair Basketball and Ice Sledge Hockey. But a physically paralyzed person cannot feel any injury he gets, during the game play.


Yanko Design advertised a special costume for paraplegic athletes (A person who is paralyzed waist down); Brusie Suit.  This design was made by designers: Dan Garrett, Elena Dieckmann, Ming Kong & Lucy Jung. There slogan is “Some athletes are made more extreme, more courageous, more adventurous than anyone else. They are super heroes. No fear, no limit, and no pain. Every superhero needs a suit.”  Since the pain is undetected, they cannot tell if any injury occurred.


Bruise is manufactured with breathable mesh and stretchy fabric that absorbs sweat effectively. It uses a pressure sensitive film which is impact sensitive. It changes color from light pink to bright red indicating the severity of the injury. This film could be cross referenced to pin point the exact type of injury. Of course the athlete could only tell that he needs to see a paramedic immediately but a doctor could identify an injury. These films can be used only once and are replaceable.


The designers performed series of experiments in the impact lab. They identified the most high risk areas and designed the suit accordingly. With the special sports equipment, athletes could play extreme sports but now they can get immediate treatment in case of an injury.

Our Product Review:

Pros: Indicator of minor to sever injuries, cross reference type of injury, Non-sweaty material.

Cons: One time use of pressure sensitive films, unclear about the material reliability.

Rating: 4.5/5

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