This Futuristic Pen Translates Everything. Here Is How

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Aren’t you sick of using dictionaries and wasting all your energy to translate a single word? Who has that kind of free time nowadays? With so much to do and explore I believe we need a shortcut for this tedious and boring endeavor. Well if you’re looking for a solution you are going to love this new groundbreaking technology that i am going to introduce in the next few paragraphs.


This translator pen, called Ivy Guide is just perfect for the purpose of understanding a new language in no time. It has the potential to revolutionize reading and writing. If you’re planning to travel around, explore, learn new cultures and languages its a MUST-HAVE. It has some surprisingly good features and easy to use. I am absolutely mesmerized by its clever execution. Its not exactly a translator pen but a pen accessory that could be attached to any pen. Furthermore, its super small and features a battery that could be recharged through any USB port.


Now lets talk about how this pen works? It consists of two pieces. One of which adjusts over any pen or pencil you wish to use and ensures that you don’t have to give up on your favorite pen. Isn’t this pen all you could wish for? If you’re one of the students who wish to study abroad or someone who loves to travel this pen certainly is all you want. When the user is reading a book full of alien words all you got to do is simply underline the word and the ivy guide would instantly project the translation directly onto the page. The other part lets you charge it through USB and also transfer data to and from the computer. So this means you can download as much new languages and words as you want.


This latest and exciting device is still in the concept design stage at the moment but I for one can’t wait for it to be launched..

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