PillCam Video Camera That You Can Swallow

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved sales of PillCam in United States – PillCam is a pill-sized camera that can be swallowed for detailed examination, through gastrointestinal tract.

The device reportedly is already available commercially in more than 80 countries. It features a pill-sized video camera measuring 12 x 33 mm (0.47 x 1.3 in) that captures colored videos from both of its ends at 4 or 35 frames per second. An LED is also provided for necessary illumination. Once swallowed by the patient, it wirelessly sends footage to a recording device worn by the patient itself for approximately 10 hours.

PillCam Capsule

PillCam Results

The drug administration approved the PillCam, based on identifying hyperplastic polyps and adenomas at least 6 mm in size. It found a 69 percent positive agreement between PillCam Colon results and a colonoscopy, and an 81 percent negative agreement.

Colonoscopy in medical terms is the examination of a patient’s bowel using a long, thin camera known as an endoscope that is inserted via the rectum. Around 750,000 incomplete colonoscopies occur each year in the US which often requires that a patient undergoes an additional procedure, such as an X-ray or CT scan, in order to complete the colorectal examination, incurring extra costs and risks in the process. For such individuals, PillCam Colon capsule endoscopy could be an effective option to allow their gastroenterologist to complete a colon examination.

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