Play With Music All Around You Using This Stunning Circular Piano

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Musical instruments fundamentally are meant to play melodious sounds regardless of their type and make. The basic form of musical instruments have remained the same for years, though they became more advanced in their musical capabilities. For example, take piano; an instrument producing sounds using keys, have a basic form that is replicated in different types such as Grand Piano, Upright (Vertical) Piano or a toy piano. But today, what we are going to feature will certainly amaze you. Meet this modified form of Piano – a circular piano that has just hit the music industry.

PianoArc - Circular Piano

PianoArc – a circular instrument has been designed by Keyboardist Brockett Parsons who plays for pop music icon, Lady Gaga. You cannot expect anything less from someone who plays for such an eccentric celebrity. Apparently, this circular piano allows Parsons to play with music all around him. This is how it looks like:

Circular Piano

PianoArc, in principal is a three standard 88-note keyboard in one, which includes 294 keys on a body whose height and tilting angle can be adjusted. The musical device is altogether functional, artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

PianoArc - Circular Piano 2

While the PianoArc is on tour with Lady Gaga, Parsons has already came up with a second version of the instrument – the Piano Arc 2: The Brockettship. This second version is much lighter in weight and can fold in half for easier portability.

PianoArc - Circular Piano 3

You can keep yourself updated with the news on PianoArc at the artist’s Facebook Page or the product’s website. Meanwhile, watch Brockett Parsons in action with the Piano Arc in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

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