PonoPlayer Is Here To Capture iPod Market

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Singer Neil Young claimed a year ago of his plans to make a high-fidelity music player which would be capable of reproducing audio close to the originally recorded sound. Now it appears that Neil and his team are ready to launch the Ponoplayer on kickstarter for $399. The Toblerone-shaped studio master quality music player is being built in collaboration with US hardware company Ayre Acoustics. Clearly the music artist still doesn’t believe that the age of portable music players is over.

Master Quality Digital Music Player

Master Quality Digital Music Player

The music player has both a touchscreen LCD and some physical buttons too. With 128 GB of storage – expandable via the device’s memory card slot, you’d be able to store from about 100 to 500 high resolution digital music albums. As you might expect , the player is designed to be paired with an online music store Ponomusic.com which will offer “the finest quality, highest-resolution digital music from both major labels and prominent independent labels,” according to the company.


This audio player sounds like a typical iPod or iTunes but its goal is to offer highest and finest quality music available from all the major labels with the world’s greatest sounding. It doesn’t compress the size of music files and lets you enjoy the clarity and detail of music.

The Ponoplayer will be available at a discounted rate during the pre-order period via the Kickstarter. So all you music lovers who plan on getting one should better hurry and place the order soon.

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