Portland to Generate its Electricity Through Water Pipes

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Lucid Pipe Power System worth 200kW has turned pipelines into power generators by harnessing the flow of water occurring through the municipal pipelines of big cities. The water flow can be primarily used for hydroelectric power in addition to other uses. Portland, Oregon has become the latest city to have installed this particular system which has replaced an existing stretch of gravity-fed conventional pipeline being used for the transportation of water.


When water flows through the pipes, it subsequently turns an assembly of 4 turbines measuring 42 inches each that has been connected to a generator located on the outside of the pipe. The presence of turbines does not affect the pipe’s efficiency remains unchanged.

working principle

working principle

LucidPipe Power System 42" Turbine

LucidPipe Power System 42″ Turbine

The system received its financing by Harbourton Alternative Energy and had the installation completed at the end of December, 2014. Undergoing a number of efficiency and reliability tests, the system will begin working at full power in March.


Once it starts functioning, it will be producing energy enough for 150 homes which is about 1,100 megawatt hours of energy annually. It will also be able to generate almost $2million in energy sales to the Portland General Electric in the next 20 years. Harbourton is planning to join hands with the Portland Water Bureau and City of Portland for cutting down on operational costs.


Lucid Pipe Power System is one of its kind in Portland and if proven successful, it will pave way for others to evolve their systems as well.

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