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The world is getting smaller day by day and not just in the sense that you can fly around the world in under a day. All the conveniences we take for granted now fit in to our pocket in the shape of a metal or polymer block that we can use at our leisure. Either that or we can take out a larger block from our backpacks and get a larger view and do more of the same stuff. A smartphone or a tablet can do the work of a music player, computer, play station and obviously a phone. Even 3D printers are becoming smaller and more affordable. So why should normal printers be left in the dust.

mini mobile priner

Kickstarter, the mother of all project funding websites, is currently running a campaign for a Mini Mobile Robotic Printer. This little guy can fit in your pocket because its virtually the size of a mouse, a computer mouse of course.

mini mobile printer 2

The printer is essentially a small robot that can move around on paper printing the document for you. It can connect with your smartphone, your laptop and your tablet. It moves horizontally across the sheet of paper and prints about a 1000 pages in one cartridge. The only downside is that it takes 40 seconds to print a page. But if history is any guide, this problem will be solved soon enough.

bluetooth connection

According to the campaign, Microsoft has already shown an interest in the project and the idea was presented with much success at ThinkNext at the Microsoft R&D center in Israel on April 7th. The printer will cost around $200 when it hits the market.

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