The Future Keyboards Will Be Printed On Papers. Here Is How

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Novalia is a Company based in Cambridge, UK. Their website says their ‘vision is to bring print to life’. And thats exactly what they aim to do. They’ve come up with a way to print workable keyboards on paper.


Equipped with a microchip, the printed keyboard will essentially act as a capacitive touchscreen and connect via bluetooth to your computer or tablet. The trick is to use conductive ink that translates each gesture in to binary code and back again. The keyboards will have rear covered with a matrix substrate and front metal plating to keep the structure intact. And since it is capacitive, the keyboard can even be placed under glass to provide that familiar “touch screen feeling”.

The key factor that makes this product so attractive is its portability. It’s literally paper thin and with the subsequent modification it will go through, chances are that its popularity will hit the roof. For those that are looking to change things up, the printed keyboard can be of any colour, texture or size you want as long as its a QWERTY keyboard.

Paper thin Keyboard

Paper thin Keyboard


It can’t of course be printed on a normal printer (high volume printers that print shampoo bottles are being utilised) but there will be no shortage of keyboards as assembly lines will be printing at a rate of 100 m per minute and each keyboard is predicted to cost around $10.

The expectations for this keyboard are high due to the fact that Novalia has already developed a working eight button capacitive touch “Switchboard”. So a fully equipped keyboard can’t be far behind.

Paper thin Keyboard

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