Real-Life Iron Man To Enter In US Army

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The Iron Man’s armor a fictional powered exoskeleton wore by Tony Stark when he assumes the superhero identity of Iron Man would soon come to life by the US military. The US will begin testing its iron man suit as early as June, says the U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven. The three un-powered prototypes are being assembled and are known as the TALOS-Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit in the military parlance.


The idea for this project originated as the result of a simple question asked by a young officer to Navy Adm McRaven which he couldn’t answer “After all these years in combat, why isn’t there a way to better protect operators going through the door?”.

These iron man suits are currently being developed by a wide range of organizations: about 56 different corporations, 16 government agencies, 13 universities and 10 international laboratories. In addition to that the command also plans to hold a “Monster Garage” which would bring together all the mechanics and master craftsmen to develop components for the suit. This project aims to bring about a huge comparative advantage to the US army over enemies and also provide the operators the protection they need.

The suit is being designed primarily with defense in mind and also incorporates a liquid armor, a synthetic substance being developed internationally.This material has the capability to shift from a liquid state to a solid within milliseconds resulting in complete protection to gunfire. Moreover, this suit has a built-in system that rests against the skin and provides its own supply of heat, air and oxygen in case the operator suffer an injury.

This armor will take an important step towards reality in June, when multiple prototypes will be tested and revealed.

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