Remove Ink From Plastic Containers To Make It Reusable

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There always exist an item in your daily grocery that is packed in plastic containers such as yogurt, milk, ice cream etc. These plastic containers can be utilized for many purposes like making a homemade gift, to hold household cleaners or toys and for organizing stuff. However, these containers end up in trash just because the printed company logos makes them undesirable for reuse.

Removing Print Ink From Plastic Containers 3

There is a simple trick of using nail polish remover to completely scrub off the printed ink on plastic containers. However, the nail polish remover should contain 100% acetone or else it won’t work.

Method # 1:

You can use a rug or a paper towel and dip it into acetone. Then use this rug on the plastic container and the ink will come right off. If you do not want your nail polish to be removed, wear gloves on your hands.

Removing Print Ink From Plastic Containers 2

Method # 2:

The second method involves wrapping a rug on the plastic container using a rubber band. Then dip the rug wrapped container into the acetone and let it sit for several minutes before removing the rug or paper towel. Hopefully all the printed ink will be removed neatly.

Let us know how did you utilize your plastic container after taking advantage of this trick?

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