Replace Your Dumb Window AC For A Smarter Aros

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Summer season where brings all the joys such as picnics, ice-creams, variety of drinks also has a hot climate. In some countries, high temperature is intolerable and people take refuge in the comfort of their homes. Air-conditioners are frequently used during the season. However, you are pretty much bankrupt at the end of summer.

Air-conditioners currently being used are dumb. Once they are switched on, they will consume a lot of energy and empty your pocket quickly. They will cool according to the set temperature whether you are in the room or not.


Quirky has come up with a truly brilliant air conditioner named Aros. It has retractable wings which make it fit properly in any window, three fan speeds and three cooling modes. It is controlled by Quirky’s WINK app. It connects to the app on your smart phone via Wi-Fi. You will not require accessing a remote control for the AC rather you can set your desired temperatures from anywhere. Aros is kind of a genius. It monitors the environment and turns off when you leave the room. Aros keeps a constant eye on how much you spent during the month and suggests proper settings based on your budget and weather conditions.


The idea was suggested by Garthen Leslie of Columbia, Maryland. The company Quirky in collaboration with GE crowd sourced 2000 community members and created the product in a matter of months. It can be pre-ordered at for US $300.

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