Researchers Hope To Grow Human Ears In Future

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More than 100,000 patients wait for organ transplant in U.S, and every day 18 of them die. Organ transplant is not an easy job. Doctors need to keep in view the dangers of a patient’s immune system rejecting the transplant or causing a permanent defect.  In the era of modern technology, medicine has moved one step ahead, now you can grow an organ from patient’s own tissues and cells. This eliminates the testing for a patient’s immune system resistance.


Researchers at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital used stem cells from a patient’s fat tissue to grow a human ear. This technique was in particular used for children. The cartilage were taken from the ribs and formed into an ear. Since these tissues were non-regenerative, a permanent defect was induced at the donor site. This was not considered a best solution.


Scaffolds cellularization is a new technique for human ear growth. For this method the cells are taken from the child’s abdominal adipose tissue (fat). The main property for these cells is that they regenerate causing no harm to the patient. A porous polymer nano-scaffold is used for forming the shape of an ear. Due to recent advances in nanotechnology, the material used is less prone to infection.

This approach will initially be used in children only and afterwards in adults too. Researchers hope it would improve the life of people involved in unfortunate accidents.

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