Riide E-Bike – The Ligher, The Faster, The Ultimate

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With the rise of fuel prices, the idea of running an affordable car gets out of question for an average person. That’s the point where you start finding economical ways to travel and get to your job. Geeks from USA have designed an e-bike capable of reaching up to 20mph and range of 25 miles to overcome the need.

Riide battery Riide brakes

Developed by a Washington, DC-based start-up, the aluminum-framed Riide weighs only 35 lbs, far less than the similar in market. It has a 36-volt 9Ah lithium-ion battery delivering power to a 350-watt direct drive rear hub motor. Rider can simply pedal the bike with no assistance; they can go with the motor only, to a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h); or, they can go faster by both pedaling and using the motor. The bike has a motor-only range of 20 to 25 miles (32 to 40 km), with a full charge of the battery taking two to three hours from a regular outlet.

Riide Bike comes with simple and clever design. Its battery and controller are inside the frame to create a streamlined aesthetics and better protection.With powerful brake system, simple maintenance, infinite gearing and matte black color, this e-bike costs $1799 for single unit.


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