Now Robots Will Fuel Up Your Car

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Husky Corporation from USA has designed a Robotic Fuel Station that will fuel your car on commands. The company is working on developing a mobile application for the payment issue.

These specially designed robots will work on Infra-red lights and cameras to locate the fuel door. An arm will help robot to open the fuel door, it is additionally provided with a suction cup. A nozzle will then extends into the fuel tank and releases the desired amount of fuel. Once the tank is full, the nozzle will return to the pump.

Robot Fuel Working

Robot Fuel Pump

Robot Fuel Interface

“We already have drive-thru McDonalds, drive-thru banks and drive-thru car washes,” says Husky executive Brad Baker.  He predicts consumers will be eager to use drive-thru gas pumps. Baker believes the product will be ready for regulatory testing in about nine months. Company is reportedly working on additional payment solutions. A probable working smartphone app might serve the purpose. With an installation cost of $50,000 per piece, robotic pump is expected to gain popularity in relatively colder areas.  The company recently showcased the product at a trade show.

While Bakers only plan to sale it to its market, limited to United States, its an opportunity for big giants of fuel stations to get their own robotic pumps in their country. In other news, Netherlands already has Robot Pumping Stations since 2009.

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