Robotic Arm Inspired By Elephant Trunk

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Festo’s unveiled some pretty amazing tech over the years , but this one definitely has got our complete attention. The new robot arm – or should we call it the trunk? A robotic arm modeled on an elephant’s trunk that learns like a baby, created by a German Engineering company. Called the Bionic Handling Assistant, form out of complex 3D printed parts. It is equipped with three basic elements for spatial movement , together with a gripper with adaptive fingers and a hand axis with ball joint.

However, just as an elephant can stretch its trunk in any direction to reach out and grab something, so can the Festo’s invention. The end of the bionic trunk is a bit different tough, it has four claws to pick up items.The company describes those claws as “Fingers” and Festo says they can safely move sensitive objects around a relatively small area.



The device has some impressive learning capabilities due to the process called “goal babbling”. It mimics the way a baby learns to grab things by continually reaching so now the trunk can be manually be forced into a series of positions and learn to adapt them on command, As a result it can be trained to repeat actions and pluck anything from “eggs to hazelnuts”

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Bionic Technology has already proven to do some incredible things like a woman who had her arm amputated now has a bionic arm that moves at just the will of her thoughts. It is a huge step in the direction of new generation robotics.

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