Robots Army Will Do Security Job During World Cup In Brazil

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Brazil will be the center of biggest sport events in the future. It is set to host FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the next Olympics in 2016. It is natural for Brazil to tighten-up their security. But they have gone one step ahead of that as well.

Brazil has bought 510 PackBot surveillance robots worth 7.2 million dollars from the company iRobot. And the sole purpose for that is – Security. The company manufactures robots for home, defense and developers. They also provide automatic robots for military search and rescue operations. The PackBots will be stationed at the game sites and monitor suspicious activity.


According to the iRobot’s website, PackBots are the most successful battle tested robots in the world. They are mobile, expandable, portable and easy to use. It performs bomb disposal, reconnaissance and other dangerous missions for troops and first responders.


This robot can go to places where humans can’t. They can inspect under cars, identifies bombs while keeping humans at a safe distance, find their way in darkness, and have a capability to provide real time audio, video and sensor readings from inaccessible areas. Due to such amazing features, PackBots have already been used to enter Fukushima nuclear facility and after the East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in 2011.


It seems Brazil is preparing for battle outside the game field. With the type of technology exhibited by this robot, the future would hold an army of robocops moving around to protect the city.

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