Robots Might Eat Concrete To Recycle In Future

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Demolition of a building is a messy process which requires scores of powerful crushing, separation, machinery and abundance of water to settle down the dust. The process of sorting out reusable materials has to be carried out away from the demolition site.

ERO is a concrete eating robot designed by Omer Haciomeroglu of Umeå Institute of Design. It makes demolition process easier by performing all tasks at the site and avoiding dust pollution. The technique is to use water jet to crack the concrete surface, separate the waste and package the clean dust free material. Since concrete contains metal mesh, separation had to start immediately to obtain reusable material that could be sold as a second grade metal or as filling material.


Nowadays, demolition is done manually like separation or operating heavy machinery which is not energy efficient. An ERO fleet can be placed strategically within a building. They determine their own route to start work and literally erase the building. Using high-pressure water, it separates the mixture of aggregate, cement and water. After separation, the cleaned aggregate is neatly packaged into bags, labeled and sent to concrete stations for reuse.


This product is claimed to be energy efficient, removes the need for moving to separate and magically rubs out the building avoiding huge amounts of dust.

Omer Haciomeroglu designed system is yet in a concept phase. It already has won International Design Excellence Award in the student design category. This product is yet to be designed for commercial use.

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