Robots Will Write Business Articles For AP In Future

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Beware Journalists, because Robots are ready to replace you with their super efficient reporting skills. Associate Press recently announced to use automation technology from a company titled “Automated Insights” to write fiscal reports of tech companies every quarter.

Robots are already replacing humans in most of the daily tasks. From food delivery to fights during war, robots have shown promising results to successfully replace humans. But regardless of how powerful robots get, their thinking power cannot (yet) meet humans. Associate Press is however confident enough to produce 4,400 fiscal reports instead of presently 300 throughout the United States each quarter.

Robots are usually trained on Pre-defined tasks and paths; similar is expected from this automated system, in which financial figures will help robots write stories on predefined algorithms. The data of the purpose will be extracted from Zacks Investment Research.

Associate Press already uses automation technology to cover most of the data feeds for sports online. However this will first of its kind technology to write actual stories automatically.

As quoted by the CEO of automated insights, “The standard way of creating content is, ‘I hope a million people read this.’ Our model is the inverse of that. We want to create a million pieces of content with one individual reading each copy.”

The stories are reported to be around 150 to 300 words each, starting late late July this year.


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