Russia Plans To Construct Moon Base By 2040

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Russia was the first country to set foot in space. It sent the first satellite, the first Man, Woman and Dog into space and was ahead in the space race for a very long time until the United States caught up and won it. The 1969 moon landing ended the space race during the Cold War and when the Americans saw that Russia was no more interested in going to the Moon, they stopped their missions in 1972. Now it seems Russia is gearing up for space travel again.

Yuri Gagarin, the first Russian Cosmonaut and the first man to set foot in space

Yuri Gagarin, the first Russian Cosmonaut and the first man to set foot in space

Russia has been a key player in building and working of the International Space Station along with United States. Now it is planning to set foot on, and colonize the moon. A committee formed from the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, and the private firm Roscosmos is planning to build a colony on the moon by the year 2040.

Russia Moon Base

Russia has begun planning its arrival to the moon and this all is not planning to stop there. In an ambitious move, this project is expected to cost 28.5 billion roubles (815.8 million US Dollars). The idea behind colonizing the moon is to use it as an interplanetary fueling station; a route to the stars apparently. The initial manned mission are planned for 2028, the first moon landing is planned by 2030 and the colony is planned to be completed by 2040.

moon colony

Russia’s move will certainly set things in motion in other countries like China and the USA, who are also eyeing interplanetary travel. And let’s not forget the ESA (European Space Agency) which is planning its own travels in the great unknown. Looks like the second round of the Space Race is about to begin.

Sputnik, Russia's first and the World's first artificial satellite

Sputnik, Russia’s first and the World’s first artificial satellite

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