This Supersonic Jet Will Offer Massive Live Streaming Screens Inside

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Almost all of us wants to pick the window seat especially when we are flying over regions with interesting geological features, like the grand canyon or the rocky mountains. But not everybody is entertained, provided passenger planes have limited window seating options. But a Boston based company has a better solution to address it. Just like the Virtual Balconies in Ships, the solution would enable us see the outside world in real time on massive HD screens. The plane will have an array of tiny cameras on its exterior. This conceptual Spike S-512 windowless commercial airplane will take off for the first time approximately four years from now.



The team of skilled engineers has spent two years designing this super sonic luxury jet in order to enhance luxury and performance. Windows require engineering workarounds and compromises the plane’s fuselage structure and also increase the weight. This jet ditches the windows enabling it to reach a top speed of 1,370 mph while carrying up to 18 passengers.This convenience and speed comes at a price , the jet will cost somewhere between $60 million and $80 million.


An unbroken panoramic view would be the result of this live steaming and if at any point the passenger wants to sleep, they can easily darken the screen or choose from a collection of ambient images. This clever structural change would relieve the drag and weight issues and considerably cut down the travelling time as well. The innovative addition of screens instead of windows still requires some testing and prototyping which is the reason why we all have to wait for another four years before this jet takes its first flight. With that being said we are pretty sure that this new addition would take flying experience to a whole new level.

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