This Sammy Screamer Takes Security Of Your Valuables To Next Level

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Security has always been the first and last concern of us – the humans on planet. You cannot leave your car unlocked in the market or a door open back home. You have to lock it up for safety. No matter whether you are coming back in 2 minutes or 2 hours, you have to lock your stuff back there.

We are featuring today one of such a utility gadget, which will help you secure your valuables in a smart way. This gadget – called the Sammy Screamer screams at the top of its voice whenever it detects a movement across it.

It features a built-in accelerometer, which beeps and sends alert to the user smartphone app when it senses movement. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology however, which means you cannot use it for a range greater than 50 m. You can set the volume of beep and the level of sensitivity through the smartphone app. It also offers a customized setup of the alarm/alert, making it viable for multiple uses at a time.

Scammy Screamer

With the 50 m range limit, you can use it with your house door handle so that you’ll get notified whenever somebody leaves or enters the house, or you can stick it with your fridge or a stroller with sleeping baby, so that you get alerts whenever a movement across it happens.

Although the company’s main focus is towards parental check security, but you can use it with your standing bike or a car or any locomotive so that you get a prompt alert whenever a thief tries to invades.

Sammy Screamer Motion Detector

The gadget is compatible with any iOS or Android powered smartphones that comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It runs on a regular coin cell battery which the company says will last six months on moderate use.

A pledge of $65 will get you the Sammy Screamer on Kickstarter. You can get more details on the video below:


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