Samsung Bringing Future Keyboards On Your Fingertips

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There were a lot of concept videos and pictures a few years ago featuring the new iPhone and it’s projected keyboard. Obviously that didn’t materialize. This idea may seem revolutionary but it is not. Infrared projected keyboards have been a reality for quite some time but they are almost never used because, quite frankly, they are terrible. Samsung’s move on this though, looks interesting.

Samsung Keyboard

Keyboards have been succeeded in mobile devices by touch screens and the next step maybe a keyboard that doesn’t need a specific surface at all. Samsung filed a patent in August 2013 at the World Intellectual Property Organisation that has just come to light. It shows plans for a pair of smart glasses that are capable of projecting a virtual keyboard on to your hands.


The numbers and the letters will be neatly arrange on your fingers and your thumbs will do all the typing, like on a touch screen. This may see irksome and inefficient to some people, but the fact is that the touch screen was also criticized for being a nightmare to use when it first came out and now it is slowly becoming the norm the world over.

The patent was probably filed for the upcoming product, “Galaxy Glass”, Samsung’s answer to the “Google Glass”. However, the concept is still a concept, it looks very expensive for a consumer product and we have yet to see any physical proof of such a product. Until then, let the rumor mill churn out the rumors and the tech pundits flood the internet with their claims and guesses.

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