Samsung Brings The Ultimate Selfie Camera

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While it will never probably be included in a museum photography exhibit, the very first self-portrait taken by aiming a point-and-shoot camera at a mirror or using a front facing camera on a smartphone is one of the most monumental advances in photography culture to date. Samsung has launched the ultimate Selfie camera, the NX Mini.

A pocket-friendly mirror-less interchangeable lens camera, including a 9-27mm compact lens, and a 9mm wide-angle lens, that’s claimed to be the tinniest and the lightest on the market. The South Korean firm’s NX Mini is super-thin with a 3-inch rotating, flip touchscreen display designed especially for choosing the perfect selfie angle.



Featuring wink shot technology to allow you to activate hands-free photography by simply winking. The NX mini takes a shot automatically after two seconds without having to press any buttons. The 20 megapixel smart camera has built-in NFC and Wi-Fi for tap to connect image viewing on a paired smart device screen, sharing photos across up to 4 devices. It has a battery free weight of just 158 g, making it lighter than “some bananas” the fruit.


This famous and epic Oscar selfie that broke twitter featuring mega stars of Hollywood taken by Bradley Cooper could have been even more perfect if this camera had existed. The NX mini is due for release next month in a variety of colors for US$449.


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