Samsung Galaxy Core Advance Makes Life Easier For The Physically Impaired

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The Samsung Galaxy series has been intensely popular within the smartphone market over the past years and its user base has risen, giving rise to spin-offs and different designs. The most popular phones have been the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note Series which have been known for their massive screens, bundles of features and amazing capabilities. Just last year the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released with a lot of new features like the ability to stop a video by sensing if the user is looking away. Now the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance Series of handsets which are at the low end of Samsung’s line up have been released with a few accessories with one demographic in mind, the disabled.

Galaxy Core Advance_6

The first accessory is an ultrasonic casing for the visually impaired that operates by vibrating when an obstacle is near by or when a person is walking towards them. This alerts the user and he or she can prepare for impact or change direction.

Ultrasonic Casing

The second accessory is an Optical Scan Stand that focuses on text put on the stand and reads it aloud. For those that aren’t literate or are visually impaired this is very helpful.

Optical Scan Stand

The third accessory is a Voice Label that allows the user to make audio notes about different objects that the phone plays again when needed or when the object is sensed to be near by. This is accomplished by a simple NFC connection.

These extra items can make a huge difference in a life that is otherwise filled with difficulty.

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