Samsung Safety Trucks Help Cars Overtake Safely

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While driving behind a semi-trailer, drivers face a lot of risks overtaking it as they cannot see ahead of the trailer. This is particularly dangerous while driving on single lane roads. Due to traffic accidents, one person dies every hour in Argentina. Video can be viewed at the end of the article, recently released by Samsung.

To reduce the risk of accidents, Samsung has released a prototype of a semi-trailer with a large screen on the back which live broadcasts the view from the front of the trailer via a camera attached to the front of the trailer. The camera also has the function of night vision.

The prototype has already been tested and Samsung in talks with local governments to work out an optimum way to use this technology. “So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people,” they write.

The #Samsung Safety Truck is another great example of technology making the roads a safer place!This could change the way we overtake forever!

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