Scientists Found An Ocean Deep Inside Earth

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For years scientists have thought that the water on earth came from the comets when earth was initially created? But it did not explain the constant water reservations on earth? How come it never ended? Should not there be another comet strike on earth? The recent research at Northeastern University answers it all.

Crystals of blue-colored hydrous ringwoodite like these, synthes

It turns out that deep within the earth’s mantle; a large reservoir of water is available. The reservoir is three times the volume of all oceans on earth which is located 400 miles below the earth’s surface. It is not like water is readily available in its liquid form rather when a rare form of diamond is heated at high pressure; it sweats out water. This is the reason for the constant availability of water on earth.

water on earth came from comet strike

This amazing discovery was made when the scientists were studying the seismic waves of more than 500 earthquakes. The seismic waves move right to the earth’s core and can be detected at the surface. The scientists measured the speed of the waves through the different materials in the earth’s mantle. They noticed the speed slowed down after 400 miles into the earth. The speed normally slows down when waves pass through damp rocks.

water reservoir deep within the earth mantle

The reason was a rare blue diamond called ringwoodite which can absorb water and then release it under high pressures. Dr. Steve Jacobsen recreated the conditions to verify the hypothesis. And we witnessed a turn of events in what was previously believed to be true regarding the water reservations on earth.

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