SEE: The Super Amazing Suspended Bicycle Bridge

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While many of the city planner think we should not segregate bikes from car traffic, as when they actually come up crossing paths it becomes more dangerous since neither of them is used to deal with the other. Nevertheless, This super amazing structure is one of such example in Netherlands. This suspended bicycle bridge was completed an year ago and also grabbed the nomination of Dutch Design Award.

This beautiful bicycle roundabout called the “hovenring” is suspended from a 70 metres (230 ft) tall central pylon by 24 cables. It depicts a simple solution to a complicated problem in City Planning. Presently it is used by thousands of cyclists a week in commuter-heavy Eindhoven. We present you today, some of the amazing collection of photos of the bridge here.


Cycle Suspension Bridge Netherlands

Cycle Suspension Bridge

Cycle Suspension Bridge Sideview

Cycle Suspension Bridge Plan

Cycle Suspension Bridge Plan 1

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