Self-Locking Bicycle Will Replace Bike Locks Forever

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Among all the vehicles, the bicycles are easiest to steal; probably because not much technology is available for their security as it is for automobiles. This flaw can make easy money for thieves by reselling the bikes they stole.

Three Chilean students, well-aware with the frustration of a beloved bicycle getting stolen, are building a bicycle that can’t be stolen, as part of an engineering class project. They have named it as “The Yerka Project” – Yerka is a Nordic word which means strength.

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The bicycle itself is the lock such that a thief has to damage the frame in order to steal it and losing the resale value in the process. Hence, the thieves are less attracted towards stealing such a bicycle. It took two years to prototype this clever idea.

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The bicycle can be opened up to wrap it around a pole or a tree using two arms in its lower beam. These two arms are connected by the seat post and it looks as if the pole was installed from within the bicycle. It is then securely locked using a key, though additional features are being developed to lock it through digital locks and smart phones.

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The current prototype does not secure the wheels but the creators are working on a lock that can secure maximum bicycle components. A lot of thieves are even happy to make off with just wheels, which is why most cyclists use U-lock that loops through both wheels.

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The first batch of the bicycle will be available within six to eight months. A Kickstarter campaign will be launched at the end of the year to fund for global sale.

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