Sick Of Smartphones? Try NoPhone Instead

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Phone addiction is a modern world disease which is constantly spreading and no one has yet been able to find a cure. A detailed research pointed out the symptoms of this disease; an irritating habit of staring at a 5-inch of metal & glass called phone, every now and then poking two fingers on this phone at a high speed, an abnormal routine of taking pictures of one’s face and avoiding any social interaction unless it is through that device. Recently, an alternative called NoPhone has been introduced as a way to cure this disease.

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NoPhone gives the user an illusion of still being in contact with the phone to calm down the fanatic instincts of this disease. It has a thin, light and completely wireless design which acts as a substitute to smooth, cold plastic, metal & glass smart mobile device.

As the name suggests, NoPhone requires no battery, no upgrades and it is shatterproof and also water proof. Apparently, if the phone was shattered and ruined by water, it was a breaking point for a phone addictive person and it was uncontrollable.

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NoPhone will be 3D printed smooth surface with the dimensions as Height: 5.5 inches, width: 2.6 inches and depth: 0.29 inches. NoPhone includes a selfie upgrade which allows a user to see a real time selfie, share it with their friends and give verbal hash tag. There is no requirement of pressing letters on the screen.

It does not have a camera, bluetooth or call making ability but it will never break your heart by getting ruined in a toilet bowl.

A few tests have been carried out on people with extreme levels of this disease and here is what one of them said after getting the cure, “I used to sleep with my phone in my hand, but my night terrors would cause me to hurl it across the room in an unconscious panic. With the NoPhone, I can still enjoy the comfort of holding a phone in my sleep, without waking up to a shattered screen. Thanks, NoPhone.”

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This NoPhone cure is available at Kickstarter where people need to back the project submitting their generous funding to allow the manufacturing of the product.

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