This Skateboard For Stairs Is A Master Piece Of Innovation

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Skateboards and tricks go hand in hand. Sliding across railings, spinning in the air and doing 360 degree flips after jumping off a ramp, all of these things are done on skateboards. The modern skateboard though hasn’t essentially been “pimped out” at all. Its still the same old design and there doesn’t seem to be any trick on the engineering side at all.

Well just a minute now.. we may have something here.


In 2012, a graduate from the Royal College of Arts in London, Mr Po-Chih Lai, designed a skateboard that could descend a flight of stairs almost as easily as it can glide across a smooth floor. Its called the ‘Stair Rover’.  He presented it at the Show RCA 2012 and was lauded as a true design innovation and its ability to handle uneven surfaces of all kinds was especially appreciated.

stair descender

The board comprised of 4 sets of independently pivoting wheels to change position according to the changes on the surface of the path. This idea worked so well that descending down a flight of stairs did not feel markedly different from traveling on an even road.

descending stairs

Today Po-Chih Lai is pitching the idea to you in a campaign from Kickstarter. Apparently he truly thinks this is a marketable idea and hardcore skaters will experiment and dig new tricks out of this design innovation. For a $360 donation to Kickstarter you can book yourself a maple stair rover and for $415 you can get yourself a Stair Rover-Pro in sleek black.


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