This Smart Bottle Alerts You To Drink Water

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A Study reveals that an average healthy person should drink at least 32 ounces of water per day. But nearly half of us do not drink enough. Many of us actually forget to do so. But not anymore? Because these brilliant guys have come up with a crazy, high-tech solution. They have developed a water bottle that will remind you to drink water frequently.

You read it right, their product “BluFit Smart Water Bottle” contains a Bluetooth chip that tracks how much water you drink and sends data wirelessly to an app on your smartphone. The smartphone app is more smarter than what you could imagine: It calculates how much water you should drink per day based on your age, weight, local temperature and humidity outside. If you fall behind the scheduled intake, the smart bottle play sound alert, flashes is pretty LED lights and even send a push notification on your smartphone. The app also offers an amazing feature of Bottle Security. With the help of which, you can even track the bottle, if you forgot/misplaced it somewhere.

Smart Water Bottle

The bottle is made of glass with a silicon sleeve and can hold water up to 32 oz. Although the idea couldn’t reach its minimum goal of $150,000 crowd sourcing goal at Indiegogo yet its novelty and practicality put it on our Epic Gadgets List.


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