Smartphones Will Soon Charge As Quickly As In 30 Seconds

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Charging your smartphone is a pain in the posterior. The phone’s battery dies every day and barely 5 or 6 hours after you’ve plugged your phone in to charge, you have to charge it again. This year, at the Microsoft Think Next Symposium in Israel, a start up company by the name of StoreDot has revealed that it has created a battery that charges up in a matter of seconds. That’s seconds, the smallest unit on a clock. And no, it doesn’t mean that the phone charges in 120 seconds, it means it charges up under a minute. Precisely, 30 seconds.


The research team has created something called nano dots. These so called dots are chemically synthesized bio-organic peptide molecules that are incredibly small and act like tiny super efficient electrolytes and electrodes. In essence, its an electrode cum capacitor called a multi function electrode. It acts as a super capacitor at one end, super charging in a matter of seconds and a low, slow discharge electrode at the other end.


This technology, unlike other nano dot based solutions is clean since its made of bio organic molecules. On top of this, bio organic molecules are like tiny robots that self assemble and replicate which allows for cheap manufacture. The company is targeting a bench mark of a 2000mAh battery and word of mouth is that they will be fully in production in May 2016.


This type of technology is being experimented with all around the world; graphene super, super capacitors and nano composite polymers that retain electrical energy for long periods of time are all in the pipeline, its just a matter of which is better and cheaper to put in your pocket.

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