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SmartWallit Pro is a device that can be connected to your iPhone/Android smartphone wirelessly to keep track. Designed to keep inside your wallet, this device uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect to iPhone/Android with specially designed app. It prevents you losing your wallet or leaving it behind. You can even make the SmartWallit ring to figure out location, if you misplace it somewhere. The specially designed app will give you the direction and distance to where your wallet is actually placed.

Smart Wallet

With the help of its ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, the device can also track all the activities of your wallet and let you record it in the cloud database. When, where, how and how much you spent; everything gets synchronized to the cloud, manually or automatically. It comes with magnificent 5 beautiful color ranges, with a power outlet, which charges its 100mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. Its thickness is only 4.2mm, and you can easily insert it into your wallet. And it only weighs 10g.

There is an additional feature of “No Disturb Mode”, which helps you temporarily disable the anti-lost function for a max of 3 hours.  You can also insert the SmartWallit into your luggage while travelling, its reminder feature will push message you about the luggage approaching, when you get off the plane.

Smart Wallit lugage

Smart Wallit

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