Solar Powered Portable Fridge

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The purpose of vacations is not fulfilled if you are unable to go to picnics and camping. This is mostly the case during summer holidays.  People usually prefer short duration trips to nearer places in comparison to long duration to farther places. One of the main reasons is safe food storage. You cannot carry around a fridge unless you have a RV. Another alternative is using an ice chest but re-filling it with ice means round trips and missing all the fun.

Portable fridge freezer

Spencer Trotter was faced with the same problem while selling heat sensitive products. He founded a company which manufactured its first solar-powered fridge. Wondering what is so amazing about it?

First of all, you can carry this fridge anywhere. It is easily portable due to its structure which comprises of retractable handle and wheels. This structure is also collapsible which means it can convert to a size of a small brief case. The fridge can be moved while still operating. The metal frame protects the fridge during transport. If you are thinking it must be tiresome to drag it around then think again. It is surprisingly light-weight and solves the problem of mobility.

anywhere fridge can be converted into briefcase

Second feature is related to the problem of charging this portable fridge. It has two built-in USB charging ports which can be plugged-in inside the car for recharge. It also has solar panels which can charge the fridge through sunlight. You do not have to worry about anything while using this product.

This solar powered portable fridge is ideal for any kind of outdoor trip using boat, RV or car. It saves time, energy and you can enjoy your vacations without any worry.

The product is currently in patent process and it needs your help for manufacturing. Show your support on indiegogo and share your comments below. 

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