Solider Of The Future Will Wear Air Conditioning Helmet

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The US army is taking the armor of its troops to a whole new level. Following the endeavor to mechanize 1/3rd of the army in coming years, the US is also making sure that it needs less boots on the ground and more concentrated attacks dealt by a small regiment of troops with a lot of fire power. They’re developing an Iron Man suit, drones that can deliver equipment to stranded, wounded or dying soldiers and now apparently helmets that are state of the art, that turn the war zone in to a video game.


One of such is called the Helmet Electronics and Display System which is an Upgrade-able Protection. The helmet is essentially fitted with a 9mm thick plating and a heads up display powered by an Android Phone. It’ll allow the soldier to map out his environment the way you do in Assassins Creed or any first person shooter game.


Another is just a concept at this stage but its designed to give the soldier comfort as well as provide function to his combat. The helmet contains a mini air conditioning unit to keep the soldier cool in the desert, heat and a respirator to keep the air he breathes cool and clean. As far as the functionality is concerned this helmet improves on the strength to weight ratio problem. All of this equipment built in to the helmet requires it to be light as well otherwise it defeats the purpose of comfort. The helmet is going to be designed as light weight.

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