Turn Your Tablet Into A Giant Camera

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We recently covered Kodak Long-Zoom Smart Lens Camera, which is meant to enhance the photographic capabilities of any ordinary smartphone camera. But a couple of days ago, Sony unveiled one of its kind product; SPA-TA1, a clip-on attachments that gives tablets some serious photography powers.

SPA-TA1 is not a camera or lens, but a simple clip-on attachment, that comes with 6 arm sizes, accommodating devices from 85-190mm in width. Which pretty much covers all Sony tablets, launched to date. All these clip-on attachments enable you to mount Sony’s lens-type cams onto a tablet.

Sony SPA TA1 Sony-SPA-TA1

According to Xperia Blog, the Sony SPA-TA1 will launch on Apr. 4 2014 in Japan at a suggested retail price of 3,675 Yen ($36).

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