Special Trees To Glow Light On Roads In Future

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Daan Roosegarde

Daan Roosegarde

Daan Roosegarde is a Dutch Artist who works at the self titled Studio Roosegarde. He is famous for making beautiful pieces of art like metallic lotus flowers and a project called Dune which is a Dune landscape made entirely out of LEDs. He is now focusing on making things that are not only beautiful to behold but which function beautifully as well. He seeks to combine technology and art to produce pieces that benefit the world environmentally. Two of his projects stand out as most remarkable, “Smart Highway” and “The Smog Project”.

Glowing tree

Smart Highway uses the enchanting phenomenon of bio luminescence to save energy. Bio luminescent animals like fireflies contain a chemical called luciferin in their bodies that produces light and through genetic engineering this chemical is being incorporated in to the DNA of trees. This way trees can be planted along roads and highways and glow at night, showing the way, eliminating the need for street lights and saving millions in electric power.


A precursor to this is bio luminescent paint that Roosegarde is using to paint traffic lines on a 0.6 mile highway. This highway, constructed in collaboration with the Dutch government, opens in two weeks and will “glow” in the dark.


The Smog Project is a dream come true for cities severely affected by carbon pollution and smog like Beijing. Roosegarde and his team have figured out a way to make diamonds out of smog, he calls them “smog rings”. “…everyone loves diamonds.”, he says, and he’s planning to use that love to pay for the project. Every diamond bought is a 1000 cubic metres of fresh air for a city. The smog will be sucked in to a giant smog vacuum cleaner designed by Roosegarde who is meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister shortly to discuss the prospect.

Roosegarde calls his work techno poetry, a mix of ideology and technology. Hopefully he’s going to be writing many more verses in the future.

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