The Ultimate Spy Camera for Your Smartphone

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Have you ever wished to have spy kids like gadgets? Or you might have dreamt to equip yourself with high-end tech to go on a secret investigation like Nancy Drew or the Scooby doo’s mystery machine? Your childhood dream is about to come true then.

Tiny spy gadget for you mobile phone

Meet PEEK-I; it is a tiny spy gadget that can capture images without other people getting even a slight hint. This gadget can attach itself to your mobile camera and looks nothing more like an accessory. You can simply pretend to look at your mobile screen and let the camera do its work.

spy gadget attaches to your mobile camera like an accessory

The stand out feature is that you do not need to adjust your position to capture photos, you can shoot any side: right, left, up or down. It acts as a periscope and reflects the image at a 90 degree angle.

PEEK-I can take imgae from any side

The tiny spy cam can attach to the mobile camera using Neodymium magnet. However, if you have a plastic surface then you can get a magnetically charged metal ring with a sticky side. The camera lenses are made with high quality acrylic mirror with a funny design on it to hide the real identity.

The product is currently running its campaign on indiegogo and have snagged four times of its initial $1000 goal. If you are samll business and want to sell this product, then PEEP-I offers nominal packages.

We are not encouraging you but if you are about to do some whistle blowing better get your hands on some evidence using PEEK-I.

Check out the amazing video below and share your comments.

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