Stay Awake While Driving – Using DriveSafe For Google Glass

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“Driver Went Asleep” is the most common phrase, we get to hear after a tragic road accident causing number of casualties. While all traffic engineers and road safety agencies are trying hard to minimize such accidents by introducing road signs, overhead advertisements and strict laws & regulations, these geeky guys from USA have come up with “DriveSafe” – An application for Google Glass which helps the driver staying awake. The application uses Infrared and Tilt Sensors of Google Glass to monitor your drowsiness. Infrared sensor in Google Glass monitor your eyelid movement while the tilt sensor measures how a your head is oriented.

Drive Safe App

In order to activate this application with the Google Glass, a user is only required to say “OK GLASS, keep me awake”. The drowsiness is then measured when the driver’s eye lids are closed for more than normal blinking. Visual and auditory notifications are played by the glass in response. “Alert, it appears you are falling asleep,” the notification might say. The driver can then tap twice on the Glass unit to be directed to the nearest rest area.

State agencies are still unclear about allowing the use of Google Glass while driving, as UK Government has been eyeing a country wide ban on Google Glass while driving.

Drive Safe Map

“[DriveSafe] is not guaranteed to stop you from falling asleep while driving and should not be relied on to do so,” a disclaimer says. The application is still in Beta Phase and not yet available fort Google Glass users either. Users must “sideload” it into Glass using a fairly technical process.

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