Stretchable Food Covers Save Fruits From Getting Dried

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Leftover food is often stored in a refrigerator in a bowl and to keep the food safe, the bowl should be covered. Not every bowl comes with the cover and too much bowls can be a clutter inside the fridge. It is easy to store gravy in a bowl but what about the food that cannot be put in any such utensil. It may include half-eaten fruit or half-open Juice box. If not properly covered, these eatables can become stale and dried loosing the natural nutrients and color.

Cover Blubber the stretchable cover for food

cover blubber cover an open pack

Cover bubble is a plastic food wrap for use inside the freezer or refrigerator. It is made up of stretchy plastic material that can fit onto almost any utensil opening. However, the item to be covered should be uniformly shaped such as a circle or square. You can even fit it on a half eaten fruit such as half-cut pine apple, water melon etc. These covers come in different shapes, sizes and colors. In addition it fits air-tight and the freshness of food remains intact.

cover blubber can cover any utensil air tight

stretchable cover for fruit

Cover bubble is not microwave and dishwasher safe. While using it both your hands and the item to be covered should be dry. You can buy these covers from Amazon. It truly fulfills the need of food storage in refrigerator. So what do you think of this product? Share your comments below.

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