This Super Bus Is The Future Of Luxurious Public Transportation

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Have you ever sat on a bus stop waiting desperately for the bus to arrive? If yes then you must be aware of all the hassle that it takes to get on a bus, find a seat and than wait for your stop to get off. A Dutch astronaut professor Wubbo Ockels of the Delft University of Technology has the perfect, comfortable and carefree travelling solution for you which involves a concept vehicle that will ensure sustainable mobility.


This Superbus offers some major differences from other ordinary public transportation services. Passengers can call up superbus via a text message or the internet and get picked from wherever and whenever. This bus will not only take you to your destination without any changeovers but also provides luxurious ride and high speed for a fare which is comparable to the prices of present day’s public transport.



This project involves detailed research into the logistics, reliability, safety, infrastructure and economic viability as well as the design of the vehicle itself. Superbus is highly equipped with some key systems that ensure flexibility and safety. It provides seating for 23 passengers with 8 doors per side to allow individuality and improve comfort. Superbus is 15 meters long. This bus is Eco-friendly as it is electrically powered vehicle which uses rechargeable batteries .


This Superbus with sensational travel experience is being developed in Netherlands but will eventually be marketed worldwide. We believe this super cool vehicle has all the right features to become successful worldwide. The ergonomic interior design, high speed and personal multimedia equipment for each individual passenger sounds quite amazing and breath taking.

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